The power of business technology and IT to transform your organisation in line with customer demands has become a key differentiator in the success of your business. Building and operating a stable and fit-for-purpose IT function is the foundation of digital transformation. We can assess your technology requirements and build a managed IT service that meets your business needs today, as well as map out your future technology journey to make the most of the digital innovation options best aligned to meeting your evolving business objectives. Some of the biggest names in the Oil & Gas industry have trusted our teams to provide IT services and help with strategic asset transfers for decades.

Business CHallenges
Business Outcomes

Business Challenges

The strategic importance of the way technology, data and information is managed within a business has become a priority in maintaining competitive advantage. However, IT functions are always challenged to do more with less, despite the ever-increasingly complex technology environments that can be found in organisations today.

How do you juggle the competing needs of maintaining operational systems, reduced costs and introducing new technology whilst maintaining efficiency? The reliance on, and needs of, legacy systems to keep operations running smoothly can make for a complicated journey to achieve leaps forward in digital transformation that strategic business objectives demand.


Our core managed services give you the option to outsource the provision of IT services or augment your in-house IT function, to ensure your organisation has the best skills and experience needed to support your business objectives. Our skilled teams can deliver solutions on-site, remotely or in a hybrid of both. This allows you to step away from the day-to-day running of a team and concentrate on delivering your core business activities.

We provide governance and management experience gained over 20+ years of delivering business technology solutions, sharing our knowledge and best practices from across our customer estate and helping you tackle strategic technology development.

Business Outcomes

By focusing the efforts of your IT function around your business needs and desired outcomes that matter to the wider organisation, Sword can help drive down overhead and service costs.

We continually develop your IT service to capture requirements and implement the most relevant, cost-effective new technologies as your business evolves, helping your organisation to meet customer expectations and giving your employees the best tools available to aid productivity and efficiency.

Maximising the value from your data and information helps bring informed decision making to your business, as well as serious cost savings. We have developed a real niche skill set for helping with the technology and data transfer involved in the transfer of ownership of offshore Oil & Gas assets, facilitating a smooth transition of operations from both the vendor and buyer perspectives.

Our Services






IT is our core business, so by engaging our service delivery teams to deliver your IT services, you benefit from the shared knowledge we bring on technology delivery. We will govern, manage and report on the performance of our service whilst taking care of day-to-day operations.

We can deliver part or all our services from our customer’s sites, based alongside the users and infrastructure that we support. Our IT infrastructure support team spans traditional on-premise deployments, cloud-based infrastructure and modern workplace services – or a combination of all three. Our applications support teams handle incidents, requests and improvements – coordinating between the users, the wider IT team and application vendors to both maintain and improve the performance of those systems. In addition, our team of Application Developers can design and implement innovative bespoke solutions to suit your business needs, spanning use cases across traditional client/server apps, mobile development and hybrid-cloud integrations. 

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Resolve, our service desk function, is the end-user’s first point of contact with the IT function. Sword considers the performance of this function to be vital to the quality of the overall service delivered to your business. We have experienced teams available to handle incidents and service requests, acting as the interfaces to the rest of the IT function. This experience is supported by our knowledge of quality toolsets and technology to provide a responsive, proactive and customer-focused service.

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Building on a stable, optimised IT service to help digitise new areas of the business often requires the need to bring in additional skills and resources for specific projects. We have Project Managers and Business Analysts to fully manage your projects, who take time to understand and explore your true business requirements and then call on our dedicated Extended Resource Pool of experienced IT professionals to execute the activities. The Extended Resource Pool can also be called upon to help you to cover peaks in demand or to help manage changes within the business by providing short-term resourcing – whether to back-fill, provide short-term IT service augmentation or simply to provide some niche skills to support your existing IT team.

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An organisation’s ability to effectively manage their enormous volumes of data to make informed business decisions has become a key factor in their success. We can help optimise the way data, information and knowledge is managed to help drive the operational performance of an organisation, meet their evolving business objectives and customer expectations.

One example where data and information management are at the forefront of a strategic business decision is in the transfer of ownership of offshore Oil & Gas assets. Our teams have successfully facilitated the complex extraction of the right data, technology and information from the vendor (often multi-national Oil & Gas operators) to more agile new entrants to the market, on time and on budget even under very tight timescales. We’ve since helped one such buyer, Serica Energy, achieve 37% saving on IT operating costs compared with the previous owner one year on from the transition.

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Recent technologies and tools launched by technology giants and a host of niche providers often promise to transform your business, increase productivity, efficiency and reduce operating costs. However, the reality of integrating these solutions into legacy systems can present all kinds of challenges to achieve the benefits sold to management at the time of investment. We can set up interactive data visualisation, understandable reporting and useful analytics to make the most of the features your new tools bring. Integrating your technologies and data sources with the insight of our vendor-agnostic, third party lens improves the quality of information available to you to and helps you trust your sources to make informed decisions that improve your business operations.

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