Asset Transition - Creating a new IT Organisation

About the client

Serica is a British independent upstream oil and gas company, operating predominantly in the UK North Sea, focused on exploration, development and production. Serica has drilled 22 wells since its inception in 2004, 17 of those as an operator. As a leading company in the UK’s mid – tier Oil and Gas market, Serica is a partner in the producing Erskine Field and recently completed the purchase of interests in the Bruce, Keith and Rhum fields where they have taken over as field operator.

Business Challenges

Designing and building a complex IT landscape from scratch, including core IT services and a portfolio of specialised business solutions. Completing a complex programme of work over 8 months. Migrating, converting and loading business data. Providing training to users onshore and offshore. Dealing with offshore logistics during a busy period for the asset team, including a turnaround. Achieving a seamless cutover, ensuring operational continuity


Following an extremely busy 8 months for the Sword and Serica team, the cutover took place on 30th November 2018. On the day, the team executed a set of well-planned cutover activities, resulting in a seamless and successful transition. Both BP and Serica were impressed with the outcome, noting that IT aspects of the transition were surprisingly smooth especially given the volume and complexity of the work involved.

What the client says

We chose Sword based on their experience in the energy industry and their track record with North Sea asset transfers, and it proved to be a good choice. We are delighted with the results they have achieved in this transition and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Mitch Flegg, Serica's Chief Executive Officer

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