Case Study: Finance and Board Considerations of an Asset Transition

About the client

Many organisations are vying for the opportunity to acquire production assets to boost their portfolio. Such major investments take time but can close and move quickly, applying pressure on handover and taking operational responsibility.

A key finding from our experience of many such transfers is that IT and data challenges are more complex and time consuming than clients expect at the outset. They are also mission critical for safe and efficient operations, and actively support the Safety Case. This can be greatly helped when your transition partner supports both buyer and seller.

Business Challenges

Once a project scope has been outlined and you are talking with a specialist partner such as Sword, what will transition look like?

The following areas will need to be addressed:

Rapid Mobilisation





Our experience and specialist knowledge of the oil & gas sector helps reduce risk during transitions and for on-going services.

The key risk areas for transition can be readily mitigated. Read more via the link below about the areas we can deliver results in your asset transition.

For more information on Asset Transition and NEO's Acquisition of Quad 15/30 Assets, you can read the full case study here:

Asset Transition - NEO’s Acquisition of Quad 15/30 Assets

Read full case study
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