Sword IT Solutions Ltd is a UK-based part of the Sword Group and comprises a number of operating companies delivering people and technology-based business services.


Digital Enablement

The concept of work has changed; it is no longer a place you go to or a thing you do between 9 and 5.  Sharing and collaboration are the new success factors, finding the answers together and cutting through the noise is the key to competitive advantage.


We now live in a world of real-time information where a series of interactions with devices and data defines our daily lives. In this world, human attention, not information, is the scare resource. Digital Enablement is more than just technology; it is a business strategy that starts with people. Empower them to do their best work, anywhere on any device whilst maintaining security and compliance.



Office 365

Enterprise productivity, collaboration and communication nicely wrapped up in a single platform.



Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration platform, on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.


Dynamics 365

The next generation of unified ERP and CRM platform for better business performance.

Key Products

We are continually developing our range of products in order to meet specific client needs. The core principles behind many of our solutions have successfully delivered benefits to clients across a range of sectors.


Sword Connect is a suite of brandable, pre-built apps designed to maximise productivity and collaboration in SharePoint.   Using Connect, information is intelligently surfaced to each user based on their department or role and is displayed in a meaningful way.

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Sword Connexus ensures that the right information is delivered to users to allow them to complete their job safely and effectively. It compiles incoming real-time data and delivers it to data systems that consume or display it, making it ready and accessible for analysis.

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Digital Enablement Programme

Our Digital Enablement programme brings together people, processes and technology to deliver key business benefits. We cover three main themes (Platform Transform, Productivity/New Ways of Working and Security/Compliance) to help support and drive successful business outcomes.   We work with organisations to establish where the underlying challenges exist and source appropriate solutions to improve business operations that are end user focused.

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