Sword IT Solutions Ltd is a UK-based part of the Sword Group and comprises a number of operating companies delivering people and technology-based business services.


Information Management

Information is almost certain to be one of your most valuable assets, essential in enabling your people to perform at their best, but can also bring risks and is notoriously difficult to manage.

Our services help you regain control. We show the relationship of your information to your business processes, security and regulatory needs. You can save money and improve business performance by clearing up your information, reducing risk and errors. We can then help you transform your performance by gaining deeper insight from your information, better predictions and access to corporate knowledge often buried in multiple systems. Our services provide the advice, operational personnel such as document controllers, IT systems integration, and best practice for Information Management. Our methods are pragmatic and not big-bang, we work with what you have, make it work better and help you define future strategy.

In order to help you get more value from your information we:

  • optimise your business processes so that you are using information as effectively as possible.
  • help you comply with security, privacy and regulatory requirements.
  • help you and your customers gain clarity, insight and value from your information.




We have a large Microsoft SharePoint specialist team who have developed and deployed solutions up to 170,000 users. SharePoint out-of-the-box solution ‘Sword Connect’ for 1-day installation of Intranet and collaboration services. We help clients apply business workflows, reducing or removing paper from your processes, speeding them up and reducing errors.



We work with most mainstream ECM systems such as Documentum, OpenText, Assai, ProjectWise, etc. Times are changing and we are used to modernising legacy systems, moving to more agile, lower cost fit-for-purpose approaches. You can take advantage of Cloud flexibility, better security and better fit with mobile devices and external organisations & individuals. We embrace the emerging concept of Content Services as a map for the future, as defined by Gartner.


Engineering IM Services

Specialist knowledge of oil & gas and engineering information management. Support for full asset lifecycle from front-end engineering & design, major capital projects, handover, operations & maintenance and decommissioning. We are used to working overseas and offshore.


Public Sector IM

Information services tuned to the security, regulatory and compliance needs of public service organisations. Our services enable and support FOI requests, GDPR, Records Management Act (Scotland) and in general make sure you are better placed to govern your information.

The Information Management Community

We have developed strong connections to the wider Information Management community in order to make sure we stay current with developments and trends in this domain. For example, our own Neale Stidolph is on the board of AIIM International, has a place on the Robert Gordon University Industrial Advisory Group, has close relationship with the RGU School of Information Management which in turn has an active research & development department.

Microsoft & Information Management

As a key Microsoft partner, especially in Scotland, we are able to help you get the most from existing investments in Microsoft technology. For customers with Enterprise Agreements, you can engage with us using any deployment days you have accrued. We can advise on digital transformation due to our deep knowledge of Office365, the digital workplace & Azure Cloud technology. We run events that help inform you, at no cost to you. We can also help you access Microsoft funding programmes to help you get concepts off the ground.

A modernised Microsoft-based environment enable you to get even more value from your information through the Cortana Intelligence Suite. This includes content analytics, predictive modelling and better information reporting and visualisation (for example using PowerBI). This can help you unite information, even data held in non-Microsoft systems.



Information Management People

Document controllers, records managers, IM business analysts and consultancy. Services range from taking over and running a team, to provision of our experienced staff, or simply helping you define roles and hiring people. We have a particular concentration of such skilled people in Scotland and work in the UK, overseas and offshore.

System Integration

Our integration team can help you work with multiple complex data silos in order to better unify information for reporting and analytical purposes. We help you understand your whole information landscape and relate that to your business activities & priorities. We are specialists in Cloud, security and mobility solutions.

Service Delivery Management

Depending on your needs and experience of Information Management we can run things for you, help you run them or just provide skills and services on an ad-hoc or project basis. You can give us whatever degree of responsibility and accountability that suits your circumstances.