Sword IT Solutions Ltd is a UK-based part of the Sword Group and comprises a number of operating companies delivering people and technology-based business services.


Managed Services

We manage IT and IM so you don’t have to.  We provide managed teams to augment your own in-house capability, wherever and whenever you need, to allowing you to optimise the use of your core resources.


We have a large team offering a wide range of complimentary skills, giving you access to our skills on demand.  We take care of the development and growth of our team as well as ensuring a consistent approach to working , increased knowledge retention and a reduction in your management overhead.

Information Management


Our services range from augmenting your current set-up enabling you to quickly respond to peaks in demand; managing and running a an IM team project or function on your behalf; helping you design and implement processes and controls; or simply helping you define roles and hiring people.  Document controllers, records managers, IM business analysts and consultancy are all roles that are key to delivering an effective and consistent IM service and we can assist in delivering this service in a cost effective and controlled manner that directly meets your business needs.

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Information Technology


Our goal is to enable you to make the best use of IT in your business, optimising what you have in place today and, where required, overlaying robust and proven work practices based around established frameworks including SIAM, ITIL and CMMI etc. Our services range from augmenting your current team enabling you to respond quickly to peaks in demand to a fully managed outsource depending upon the needs and strategy of your business.

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IT Process Maturity Assessment

We can offer an assessment on the current maturity of your IT and IM business processes against industry standard methodologies including SIAM, ITIL and CMMI as well as your approach managing and developing your mix of skills. These assessments will provide an overview and areas for improvement for each of your key processes to help you develop a more robust and sustainable working practice.

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IT and IM People

Our services range from managing and running a team, to provision of our experienced staff, or simply helping you define roles and hiring people. We can provide our own 'out of the box' methodologies or help you refine and develop your own in line with industry best practice.

Service Integration

Our approach is simple and proven, whether you are looking for a full service outsource or the augmentation of your exciting team, our approach is consistent - a light touch, low risk transition of service; an enhance and optimise phase where our focus is on simplifying governance, operations, processes; and a transform phase where we identify and deliver a range of business orientated projects that ultimately improve the service provided to the business.

Service Delivery Management

Depending on your needs and experience of IT and IM management we can run things for you, help you run them or just provide skills and services on an ad-hoc or project basis. You can give us whatever degree of responsibility and accountability that suits your circumstances.