Sword IT Solutions Ltd is a UK-based part of the Sword Group and comprises a number of operating companies delivering people and technology-based business services.


Our Solutions

Finding the balance between the deployment of proven technology and services while at the same time leveraging the benefits of new innovative solutions to manage your assets better is key to unlocking the competitive advance in your business.

The evolution from traditional technologies, accessing key data to aid decision making, compliance with industry regulation and improving the level and range of support provided to your customers and teams, wherever they may be, are all essential for success.  This is why we measure each of our solutions ability to influence the things that matter in your business – managing and reducing cost; enhancing productivity across the business; identifying and managing risk; ensuring appropriate levels of governance and compliance; and enhancing team and customer engagement.

Digital Enablement

Enabling every person to achieve more.

Providing people with the tools, information and resources to get their work done regardless of their environment. We will use our expertise to remove the barriers, enabling the end users to be effective wherever they are located allowing access through common technology.


The move to becoming digitally enabled is focused around the automation and refinement of business processes to deliver a better, more informative service to end users, wherever they are.


Digital Enablement is more than just technology; it is a business strategy that starts with people. Empower them to do their best work, anywhere on any device whilst maintaining security and compliance.


Office365 – Enterprise productivity, collaboration and communication nicely wrapped up in a single platform.

SharePoint – Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration platform, on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

Dynamics365 – The next generation of unified ERP and CRM platform for better business performance.


Delivering highly available, demand driven infrastructure.

We will provide and support a simple, effective infrastructure platform, optimised for your business, on-premise, cloud based or a hybrid mix, we will find the right solution.   As well as helping you identify the optimum set-up for your business, we can deliver it in a way that is responsive to demand, reduces cost and de-risks your operations.


Whether you opt for an on-premise, cloud or hybrid infrastructure, we can fully support your chosen set-up.  Our team can help you to find the right mix of optimised physical infrastructure and cloud deployment options that helps meet performance needs, scaling requirements and budget constraints of your business.


Whether you’re  looking to improve and simplify the management of your physical infrastructure environment, considering moving some or all of your environment to the Cloud, or looking to enhance your disaster recovery and business continuity capability – we have a specialist team who provides expert advice and solutions in the design, implementation, support and management of your infrastructure platform.


We can provide an extensive range of services to support, optimise and develop your chosen infrastructure.  From audit, design, implementation and support services through to virtualisation, storage and back-up, security, mobile and cloud migration services we can augment your in-house teams or manage the infrastructure for you.


Ensuring your teams have access to the right tools.

We provide a business-first, technology second approach to helping customers identify, select and deploy the right business applications.  Where a suitable off the shelf product exists we will help you buy and implement it.  If the right application does not exist we will develop one.


As well as supporting and optimising what you have today, we help customers deliver more with less by extending or integrating existing systems to take advantage of significant advances in PaaS and SaaS cloud offerings, such as analytics, cognitive services and machine learning.


We operate across a range of platforms including

  • desktop, web and mobile
  • cloud & hybrid solutions
  • Office365
  • content management
  • Visual Studio and Xamarin; and
  • data services.


We will work with you to understand the specific business issues that you face and help assess, identify and select the right application(s) that resolve these issues and are the right fit for your business and your budget.  We will fully support your chosen applications over their lifetime, ensuring that they are available and relevant to your users or customers and kept up to date with new developments and releases.

Information Management

Driving value from your information while reducing risk.

We will enhance organizational performance by ensuring the correct governance and controls are in place to provide access to the right information when you need it.


Our goal is to optimise your business processes so that you are using information as effectively as possible.  In doing this compliance with security, privacy and regulatory requirements is enhanced and you and your customers gain clarity, insight and value from your information.


We are able to demonstrate a detailed understanding Engineering and Public Sector Information Management services and requirements, delivered across a range of standard platforms including all major ECM / EDRMS systems and Microsoft SharePoint.


We provide a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs from the provision of experienced IM resources to augment your own team to full Service Delivery Management of the IM function.   In addition, our integration team can help you work with multiple complex data silos to unify information for reporting and analytical purposes.

Data Management

Helping to unlock the competitive advantage within your business.

Our goal is to put the right information in the hands of the decision makers while it is still relevant, enabling people to work and collaborate easily, wherever they are and on any device


We specialise in turning your data challenges into opportunities by combining our compelling mix of knowledge, experience and innovation to unlock the true value of your data.


Cortana Intelligence Suite – A fully managed, secure and scalable, data platform for intelligence and analytics

SQL Server – Industry leading database, analytics and reporting platform to power your business

Power BI – Transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you


We provide a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs from the provision of experienced Data Management resources to augment your own team to the provision of a Data Management Service.   In addition, our integration team can help you work with multiple complex data silos to unify information for reporting and analytical purposes.

Managed Services

Additional skills and resources, on-demand.

We manage IT and IM so you don’t have to.  We provide managed teams to augment your own in-house capability, wherever and whenever you need, allowing you to optimise the use of your core resources.


We provide access to a large team of complimentary skills, giving you access to our skills on demand.  We take care of personnel development as well as ensuring a consistent approach to working , increased knowledge retention and a reduction in your management overhead.

Industry Best Practice

We have taken a very pragmatic approach to service frameworks, keeping them relevant to our clients business while retaining the consistency and standard of approach they demand.  All of our processes comply with the major industry frameworks including CMMS, ITIL and SIAM.


Our services range from augmenting your current set-up enabling you to quickly respond to peaks in demand; managing and running an IT/IM team project or function on your behalf; helping you design and implement processes and controls; or simply helping you define roles and hiring people.

Content Services

Supporting your Information Management requirements.

We fully understand the importance of content and what it means for your organisation.  As a Microsoft Charter Partner, we have access to exclusive resources to help support you on your digital enablement journey.  We have a large team of dedicated content management specialists, ready to offer advice and support to suit your business requirements.


We provide business support and solution focused infrastructure to help extend and improve information sharing, automation, collaboration and analytics within organisations.

Platforms and Expertise

  • Lotus Notes Migration – Mail, Domino, Quickr
  • Filenet & Documentum Migration
  • Legacy SharePoint Migration (2003, 2007, 2010)
  • Google Drive and Box Migration
  • Change Management & Adoption
  • Security & Compliance
  • Information Governance/Architecture


We specialise in providing an end to end service, with a focus on advisory and implementation.  We offer high level support from business case development, change adoption and project consultancy to technical design and delivery to ensure that key business outcomes are successfully achieved from each project that we undertake.