Microsoft Windows 10 – a great experience for flexible working in the public sector!

Blog by Barry Milligan, Head of Public Sector Sales

Public sector bodies are under constant pressure to ensure they deliver a high quality service to their citizens, while at the same time making certain that taxpayers are getting value for money. However, at a time when many organisations are dealing with austerity measures and restricted budgets, the need to do more with less is greater than ever.

That is why having the right technology is so important for public sector bodies. Whether it is local councils or the NHS, having the most appropriate tools available makes critical processes much more efficient, and gives employees the power to make the best decisions faster, with the benefit of all available information.

For local councils, Windows 10 solutions offer employees better flexibility and productivity. 2-in-1 tools that combine tablet and PC capabilities into a single device ensure that personnel are able to access the same high-quality experience and apps wherever they are, so whether they are in the office or out in the field, they will always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

When workers are out of the office, they will still need to keep in touch with their colleagues, so a strong communications and collaboration solution is essential.

Most organisations are beginning to understand that Windows 10 is not just another Microsoft operating system release.  Taking full advantage of Windows 10 is drastically different than just installing the new operating system and making sure that applications still work.  If implemented correctly, it’s a fundamentally different approach for users, IT, and security that represents a key part of your transformation to a digital workplace.

Organisations now looking to adopt Windows 10 will have usually already identified shortfalls with their traditional end user environment and are unable to introduce new services or are perhaps concerned about the on-going vendor support for their legacy systems. Combined with the timescales regarding end-of-life support for Windows 7 organisations are now reaching out for advice and help to plan and execute their Windows 10 upgrade programme.

Using a proven set of tools and procedures our consultants have successfully delivered production pilots, upgrading 500 devices to Windows 10 to Public Sector organisations over an eight week period. In addition to migrating the initial batch of devices our approach incorporates knowledge transfer to existing staff, which in turn allows them to continue the migration process.

Here is some customer feedback from Marius de Munnink (NHS NATIONAL SERVICES SCOTLAND). “During March and April of this year the NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) engaged with external consultants, Sword IT Solutions to deliver a Microsoft sponsored accelerated Window 10 production pilot deployment. The scope of work included the planning, a technical solution design and the migration of 500 devices to Microsoft Window 10 Enterprise.

The engagement proved to be hugely successful and beneficial in enabling the NSS to enhance our capabilities to automate our Windows 10 rollout. Not only in terms of a viable reference image but also incorporating this into a revised SCCM task sequence.

Notwithstanding the tight timescales this very successful engagement with Sword IT Solutions exceeded our expectations of what was possible within the framework allowed under the Microsoft program. The work was completed on time and achieved all of the objectives and more.

 The NHS NSS has no hesitation in recommending Sword IT Solutions for any work in this regard.”


You are welcome to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about how to tackle this key aspect of your digital workplace journey.

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