Serica Energy partner with Sword to support their asset transition journey


In recent years, the UK oil and gas industry has undergone some major changes.  As fields mature and margins reduce for the big producers, smaller independent companies have been stepping in to operate assets more efficiently and extend the life of fields in line with the government’s strategy to maximise economic recovery.  One such company, Serica Energy, took the decision to purchase BP’s shares of the Bruce, Keith and Rhum fields.

Serica has ambitious growth plans and saw the purchase of the “BKR” assets as an opportunity to establish itself as a major North Sea operator.  The deal they agreed with BP allowed Serica to take over the assets after satisfying all the necessary legal and regulatory controls. When the agreement was finalised in late 2017, Serica focused on the challenge of building an operational capability in less than 12 months.

Serica prioritised it’s people, processes and systems as the key ingredients for success, and recognised that strong IT expertise would be fundamental to support their transitional journey.

Serica selected Sword (industry leaders in IT and IM) as their partner of choice to design, implement and deliver their brand new IT and IM infrastructure.    Sword were able to offer in depth level of knowledge and expertise based on their extensive experience working on similar projects within the industry along with a wide range of resources to complete this complex business transition on time and on budget.

Andrew James, Sword project manager said:

Becoming a North Sea production operator was an important step for Serica, and at the beginning we had a fairly blank canvas in terms of IT landscape.  To build all the required systems and services in the time available, we recognised that we needed to minimise change and maintain continuity in some areas, while looking for opportunities to simplify and improve where feasible.  The first priority was to assess how BP operated the assets by conducting discovery work, speaking to people in key teams to get an understanding of the IT systems used.  This gave us a good view of what had to be migrated or replicated and what should be replaced or right-sized for Serica.  We could then plan and sequence the necessary work, developing a project schedule to complete everything within the prescribed timeframe.  The collaborative approach between BP, Serica, Serica’s transition partner and Sword was imperative to the success of the project.”

The project took 8 months to complete with both Serica and Sword working together to execute well planned cutover activities resulting in a seamless and successful transition.

Mitch Flegg, Serica’s Chief Executive Officer added:

“We chose Sword based on their experience in the energy industry and their track record with North Sea asset transfers, and it proved to be a good choice.  We are delighted with the results they have achieved in this transition and we look forward to continuing our partnership”

Read the full case study HERE

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