Sword Group Publish Strong 2016 Results.....

Our parent company, Sword Group, has published its 2016 results which show an impressive 16.4% revenue growth and a 15.6% increase in EBITDA against its 2015 performance.  Organic growth for the period is strong at 17.2% against the background of a poor exchange rate, an over performance against the 2016 budget of 2 points.

The Group plans an organic growth rate of 10% in 2017 at constant exchange rates, with an associated EBITDA margin of 15%.

Moreover, the Group is working on the completion of its 2020 target: €300 M in revenue and 14.5% in EBITDA margin based on an organic growth of 10% per year and on €40 M Revenue acquired.

For more details download the PDF.

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