Sword Spotlight on Erik Avdulov

In the first of our new series of Sword Spotlight articles, we talk to Service Desk Analyst Erik Avdulov about how he is finding life as a recent graduate in our Oil & Gas centre in Aberdeen.

Erik Avdulov

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you did before joining Sword?

“I joined Sword in July 2019 fresh from studying software development at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Leaving my lecturers behind for my first graduate job, I’ve really appreciated how helpful all the managers and my colleagues have been at inducting me into the working world of business technology solutions and providing training that is a natural extension of my degree.”

How has an average day at Sword changed for you in your time with us?

“Like most new graduates at Sword, I joined the IT Service Desk, Resolve. After 6 months I was delighted to move onto PowerBI development projects and I’m finding the mix really interesting. I usually start my day with a coffee and check my emails to catch up on items that have come from offshore overnight. Depending on customer requirements, I either work at Sword’s Aberdeen city centre offices or out on Oil & Gas customer sites (at the moment I’m obviously working from home like the rest of lockdown office workers!).”

What do you enjoy about working at Sword?

“I work on a mix of first line (IT service desk) and second line support (usually on customer sites) which I do enjoy, but I find the development work the most stimulating. One of the best things about working at Sword is that when you prove yourself to be capable and hardworking, you know you’ll be rewarded.”

Tell us about a work-related achievement that made you feel proud?

“An important part of Sword’s service delivery process is seeking customer feedback and I really thrive on receiving perfect scores as well as the comments that customers are kind enough to provide. Being promoted into development work after only 6 months in my first graduate job also rates pretty highly on my achievements!”

How is your career progressing working at Sword? 

“There are opportunities everywhere at Sword; my promotion into development work has opened up so many opportunities to work with new people in our business. The demands for new ways of working from Sword’s range of Energy sector customers is also opening up opportunities in some really ground-breaking projects.”

What would you say to someone considering a role at Sword?

“Don’t be afraid to join from the lowest position. Graduates may feel qualified to start at a higher development role, however they need to learn broader business skills to succeed in a job like that. If you do well and show you’re capable, you will make your way up and forge a career in technology that is fun, challenging and rewarding.”

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