The UK Energy Act 2016 and changes to Information Management

If you work in Information Management in the Oil & Gas sector then you may be aware of some changes coming along. Yes, GDPR is coming along and we all know that, but what else?

The Oil & Gas Authority is carrying out a consultation on proposed changes to the Energy Act 2016 that have a bearing on what information must be held and introduces a specific job function that must be put in place.

Quick recap – the OGA came about following Sir Ian Wood’s review and the report ‘UKCS Maximising Recovery Review Final Report’ in 2014. The OGA exists to drive maximum economic recovery of oil & gas in the UK, and has increasing powers to ensure this happens – for the benefit of employment, energy security, taxation and supply chain.

The Energy Act 2016 will include key provisions for information:

  1. Regulations about retention of specific oil & gas information
  2. Enforce the reporting of information and timing of responses to written notices
  3. Define when the OGA will disclose information
  4. Requiring that Information & Samples Co-ordinators be appointed by oil & gas companies
  5. Require that information & samples plans be provided for specified UK license events

The purpose of this isn’t to make life more difficult, but to create better conditions for information sharing and analysis that will result in better economic production of oil & gas resources. This approach has been highlighted by initiatives such as the OGA’s involvement in new seismic data being gathered for the benefit of the industry, stimulating exploration.

What sort of information will be covered in the Act?

  • Geophysical data; well information, samples, models,
  • Production data; fluid/gas composition (produced / injected), flaring, venting
  • Petroleum infrastructure; offshore installations, pipelines, engineering docs & data

Now is the time to let your views be known in this consultation, and to assess how the proposed requirements might affect your organisation.

The Oil & Gas Authority link for the Energy Act 2016 consultation is here:

Responses are invited by the OGA before 25th August 2017 and the response will be published by 17th November 2017.

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